Omi Adio Train Station

Current state as of Sunday June 21st, 2020. It’s coming along nicely.

Kajola Wagon Assembly Plant

As part of the deal that the Federal Government of Nigeria made with the Chinese railway investors, a train assembly plant was set up at Kajola in Ogun state. This is great news as we will be able to maintain the trains and wagons there also. Headmaster and crew will be visiting this plant after the Covid lockdown has been lifted.

New Lagos/Ibadan Railway Line

I continue to be very impressed with the progress of work that is being done on this project, at least on the Omi Adio section which I am very familiar with.

New trains and carriages are being delivered to the main hub.

The importance of this train system will be felt in the coming months. It will open all the cities along the line to new business.

Garage Table

I finally learnt welding during this Covid downtime and the first project I did was to put together a garage table.

Subaru Libero – New Tires

I bought four new tires for the bus last week. The only size I could find in 13″ in my local area are 175/70R13. A bit tall but I think they’ll work until I can source a set of 14″ alloys.

The brand is Hi Flyer and went for N9,500 ($26) a piece. Obviously these are not premium tires and as such would not be asked to do premium duties.

The tires that were removed had a manufactured date in 2006 – sad.