1967 Austin Mini Moke

Every car owner that has a collection also has one car that he regrets selling. Mine is this 1967 Austin Mini Moke.

I would love to recreate this car again. I know that they CKD were sold in Nigeria by British Leyland so I hope to find one in Nigeria to restore.

I still have lots of parts, used, NOS, New, and NLA for this specific car and classic Minis in general.

2002 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4WD

This is the very first “Naija Used” purchase. I named him Brutus.

I purchased Brutus in late 2016 in Ibadan.

It shows a general lack of previous ownership pride but all his ails will be treated as time goes along. I’ve been very impressed so far

He’s had all major oil service and tune-up. A new set of Firestone tires were also installed.

He did throw a lower ball joint on the driver’s side a few months after I purchased it. I replaced all the ball joints and tie rods.

Future Expedition Look